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Pipe Stand Safety Information & Warranties

**V Head and Roller Head maximum load rating will affect total pipe stand load capacity

RH-36 on two folding heavy duty stands


  • Procedure when using Collapsible Pipe Stands, Solid Pipe Stands, Superstands and Sawhorse.
    1. Suspend pipe in desired location with appropriate equipment.
    2. Place Collapsible, Solid, Superstand, or Sawhorse underneath suspended pipe with desired V-Head/ Rollerhead in equipment.
    3. (If using Pipe Stand not Sawhorse) Raise inner sleeve as high as it can go with the safety pin installed and cotter pin in place.
    4. With the Handled Jack Nut, raise the V-Head/Rollerhead until it is tight against the underside of the pipe.


  • ABA Machine & Manufacturing offers a limited three-year warranty for our pipe handling equipment (Collapsible Pipe Stands, Solid Pipe Stands, Superstands, all V-Heads and all Rollerheads).
  • Do not damage or modify any product ie. cut, grind, hammer, remove safety tac, as doing so will render any safety ratings/warranty null and void. Any products that fit this description should be removed from service.


  • Have the piece of equipment placed on a flat, level, and a stable surface.
  • Have the ABA PROVIDED safety pin installed in the Pipe Stand and secured into position with the cotter pin engaged for any weight/pipe size ratings stated to apply.
  • All loads must be kept vertical at all times. Lateral loading is not permitted.
  • In any setup, the component with the lowest weight rating must be used as the maximum weight rating for that setup.


  • Wedge Pipe Stand/Head/Sawhorse under at an angle, and hammer or force into position.
  • Use any product that does not have an ABA Rating sticker that states the maximum weight rating and maximum pipe size.
  • Drop pipe onto equipment when setting position. Please refer to the proper procedure above when using ABA Machine’s pipe handling equipment.
  • Use the T-Handle set screw to secure the inner sleeve into position. This bolt is for lateral stability only and should not be used in lieu of the safety pin and cotter pin. Please refer to the proper procedure above.
  • Exceed the maximum pipe diameter and/or weight ratings stated on the Pipe Stand/Head/Sawhorse. As doing so will void both ratings and warranty. If the Pipe Stand/Sawhorse head has a different rating than the supporting equipment, the smaller of the two rating is to be applied.
  • Roll pipe on any V-Head. V-heads are not designed or engineered to roll pipe under any circumstances. Doing so will damage the V-Head and Pipe Stand. Pipe must always remain stationary when placed on any V-Head. When rolling pipe is necessary refer to the appropriate rollerhead.


Products may not be exactly as shown. We reserve the right to modify, revise, suspend, or discontinue a product in whole or in part without notice. Specifications subject to change; consult factory for all specifications.